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Additions to existing homes


Adding onto an existing home can involve many different types of home additions, including:

Room additions

Adding an extra room, such as a bedroom, bathroom, office or den, to the existing structure.

Second-story additions

Building a second story onto the existing home, adding additional living space without taking away from the existing lot size.

Sunroom or porch additions

Adding a sunroom or porch to the existing home to increase living space and enhance outdoor enjoyment.

Kitchen and bathroom additions

Expanding the existing kitchen or bathroom to create more functional space and improve the overall functionality of the home.

Garage additions

Adding a garage to the existing home to increase storage space and provide a protected area for vehicles.

The cost of an addition will vary depending on the size and type of addition, as well as the materials used and the location of the home. It’s important to work with a professional contractor to ensure that the addition is properly designed, constructed, and integrated into the existing home.